Wednesday, November 18, 2009

settling in

Nicolas is really enjoying his new school. he took two field trips this week - one on the streetcar to City Park to decorate the school's Christmas tree and one to see the new Disney exhibit featuring the new film, the Princess and the Frog, at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

i picked him up today from his class and we walked down to the coffee shop on the corner for a snack. he was so excited to show me everything there - the free water, the pastries, etc., drawing a ton of attention and lots of smiles from most of the customers.
he was in such high spirits and just seemed to put everyone else that saw him in a good mood.

he had some banana bread and water and ran into Phil and Keith Frazier - leaders of the world-famous, awe-inspiring Rebirth Brass Band. they were gracious as we said hi, and then we headed out across the street to get a haircut.

he was amazingly patient, managing to sit still for pretty much the entire haircut and entertain the girls in the salon. he said he wanted it short in the front and long in the back, "like mommy's", but "don't give me a mullet"!

and he's still loving his music.

here's a short video of him playing keyboards a few weeks ago:

Sunday, November 08, 2009

hanging with uncle midnight

hanging with Uncle Midnight
Uncle Josh stopped by Saturday morning after playing a great show in New Orleans the night before. Nicolas loved seeing him and we even ended up skipping his nap so we could enjoy the visit. An hour after he and the band left, while I struggled to get Nicolas to consider taking a late nap (which was a no-win situation), he asked if Uncle Josh could come back. I said, "right now?" and he said, "yeah. i want him to come back right now."

Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween update

finally getting the whole halloween thing
nicolas had a great halloween school day yesterday. he went to his new school first where they had this thing called Trunk or Treat - volunteers park their cars in the school yard and decorate their candy-filled trunks, and the kids go around to each car:
trunk or treat
trunk or treat
trunk or treat
Then they had a pizza party and a haunted house, where nicolas encountered a werewolf and skeleton:

Then mary took him over to his old school to see his old friends and say hi and have some cupcakes:

Friday, October 30, 2009

muscle man gets ready for school

muscle man!, originally uploaded by nolafilm.

they're celebrating halloween today at nicolas' school, so he's going as muscle man. he's just making sure he has his mask ready to go before leaving.

muscle man!
and he's off:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

first day of (a new) school

first day of school, originally uploaded by nolafilm.

nicolas started at a new school this week. here he is posing in his new uniform.

the week prior he scoped out the new class:
new school visit.
it's a gifted pre-k program at a public school here. mary got him tested a while back and he did really well, so they recommended placement in this program. the class is a lot smaller. there are 6 kids total, including two adorable 4-yr old Japanese twin girls who seem to really like him. He played some music with one of them, Joy, on his initial scoping-out session last week:
new school visit
he'll get a lot more teacher attention and interaction and hopefully have a lot of fun learning at an accelerated pace. overall he seems to have transitioned just fine from his old school (a lot better than we thought he would, and probably better than we did). when we mentioned it to him on Tuesday he said, "yeah, i don't go to that school anymore".

though we may go back there for just a bit tomorrow for their big halloween party so he can see his friends and teachers there one last time, and say goodbye. in costume.

Friday, October 16, 2009

October update

Nicolas has been doing great. I was gone for the first 12 days of October, but he and Mary were totally fine without me. He took a test for potential placement in a gifted program and did really well.

And he's been so well behaved and so much fun lately. he stopped by my office earlier this week and enjoyed listening to some music on our cd player there:

Monday, September 28, 2009

september smiles

IMG_0701, originally uploaded by nolafilm.

we had a great weekend here - nona visited, nicolas cooked, helped us clean up and for the most part was just a perfect little boy. the few mini-tantrums and occasional, but typical 3-yr-old bossiness were overshadowed by his huge smiles and giggles and eagerness to help out whenever and however he could on sunday.

it's amazing how much he thinks and how he thinks. we love watching him put things together in his mind and formulate great questions, concepts and theories.

we took him to rock n' sake saturday night to celebrate mary's nephew adam's 18th birthday. the sushi there is fantastic, and the music - ear-deafening loud. it's not really my bag, but nicolas had a blast.

he loved the beats and the food and was dancing in his chair while stuffing his face with snow crab and other rolls, all with a huge smile on his face.

we were worried it would be hard for him to wind down that evening, especially after birthday cake, but he was fine after about 10 minutes of intense bed-jumping, and it seemed to put him in a great mood for sunday.

adding some pics here from earlier in the month since i haven't posted much lately.

nicolas' preschool sweetheart, sophia:
pre-school sweethearts

he wanted me to help him climb the tree and then asked me to take his picture:
nicolas - city park - september

he loves making silly faces:
nicolas - city park - september